Your Microsoft subscription has been expired email scam – How to remove

What is Your Microsoft subscription has been expired email scam

Your Microsoft subscription has been expired email scam is a phishing scam that tries to trick users into providing their login credentials. The email claims that your Microsoft subscription is about to expire, though what they probably meant is that your Microsoft Office 365 subscription is expiring, and that you need to renew it. The email will likely give you a very short deadline in order to pressure you into reacting.

Your Microsoft subscription has been expired email scam

A link is provided in the email, which if clicked would take you to a website that’s imitating the official Microsoft login page. The URL is very obviously not Microsoft’s but not all users may notice this. If you type in the your email, phone or Skype, as well as your password, you would be giving away that information to cyber criminals behind this phishing attack.

How to recognize a phishing attempt

Unless you are targeted specifically and by someone who knows information about you, you should be able to spot the majority of phishing attempts as they all have certain characteristics that point to them being phishing.

The first thing to check is the email address of the sender. In some cases, it will obviously be fake, while in others not so much. The scam email address may have a very subtle change from a legitimate one, such as a slightly different domain, one that contains “rn” instead of “m” for example. When in doubt, always use Google to check whether the email address actually belongs to the sender.

Many phishing emails contain spelling and grammar mistakes. In some cases, the mistakes are glaring, while in other cases they may be very subtle. While this email is written in better English than the majority of phishing emails, Your Microsoft subscription has been expired email scam still contains grammar mistakes, which would not be found in a legitimate email from Microsoft.

Phishing emails always require that you perform some kind of action, in this case supposedly renew your Microsoft Office 365 subscription. Since they’re after your login credentials, you will always be asked to login somewhere by a phishing scam. A link will always be provided in a phishing email, and you can easily check where it will take you without actually clicking on it. Hover over the link with your mouse, and the site’s address should appear near the bottom of the screen. If that doesn’t happen, you can right-click on the link and select “Copy Link Location”. Paste the link in your browser without pressing Enter to see what the site is. In this case, if this were to be a legitimate Microsoft email, you would be taken to a Microsoft website. But hovering over the link reveals that the site you would be taken to is completely different.

Before logging in anywhere, always check the site’s URL. Phishing sites usually have very obviously fake URLs so it should be easy to determine that you are on a phishing site. Users who have anti-virus programs installed should be warned that they are entering a phishing site when they click on the link. For example, ESET, Emsisoft, Kaspersky and Sophos should warn you when you’re about to enter the phishing site from the Your Microsoft subscription has been expired email scam.

As a precaution, when you receive an email that requests you do something with your account, don’t click on the provided link, and instead manually enter the website and check your account.

Your Microsoft subscription has been expired email scam removal

If you only received the email but did not open it, you don’t need to do anything except delete the email from your inbox. However, if you clicked on the link and put in your Microsoft account login credentials, change your password immediately. Furthermore, you should turn on two-factor-authentication for further protection.


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