XpertRAT Removal

What is XpertRAT

XpertRAT is a remote access trojan (RAT) that would allow its operators to remotely access infected computers. It’s a dangerous malware because infection could result in stolen login credentials and stolen/deleted files and personal documents. The malware is quite sneaky because it tries to stay unnoticed and does not exhibit obvious signs of being present. Anti-malware software will detect it with no issue but not all users have them installed. Undetected, the malware could allow crooks to remotely spy on users for a long time. It could even install additional malware.


Users infect their computers with malware usually because they have not developed good browsing habits and carelessly browse the Internet. We will explain how you can prevent malware infections in the following section, but to put it simply, the RAT malware likely entered when you opened a malicious email attachment, downloaded pirated content via torrents or via software cracks.

If you suspect that your computer is infected with it, do not attempt to delete XpertRAT manually. You could end up accidentally causing even more damage. Instead, use anti-malware software. Keep it enabled afterwards as well, to prevent future malware infections.

How does the malware spread?

The RAT trojan uses the usual malware distribution methods. It may come attached to an email, concealed as a torrent for pirated content or a software crack, or it could enter using an unpatched vulnerability.

One of the most common ways malware enters is via spam emails. To spread their malware, cyber crooks launch huge spam email campaigns during which they send infected emails to users whose email addresses they got from past data breaches. Those emails are usually made to seem somewhat official, not very sophisticated but convincing enough that more gullible users would open them. When dealing with an unsolicited email, the first thing you need to check is the sender’s email address. If it’s a nonsense email address made up of random letters and numbers, you can ignore the email as no legitimate company or organization will ever use unprofessional looking email addresses to communicate with clients, etc. Even if the address does look legitimate, you should still check whether it actually belongs to whom it claims to be. If the address checks out, check the contents of the email for spelling and grammar mistakes. Spam emails usually have loads of them. Finally, you should scan the email attachment with anti-malware software or VirusTotal before you open it to make sure there’s nothing malicious.

Torrent and software crack websites are also full of malware. All kinds of malicious software may be disguised as popular TV series episodes, movies, games, software, etc. So by pirating, you’re not only essentially stealing but also putting your computer in danger of being infected with malware. If you do insist on using those sites, at least make sure that you don’t end up downloading malware.

We should also mention that system and program vulnerabilities may allow malware to enter a computer. This is why it’s so important that you install updates as they come. The updates patch known vulnerabilities, preventing malware from using them. If you do not want to enable automatic updates for whatever reason, at least make sure you install them regularly.

What does XpertRAT do?

Remote access trojans can essentially allow their operators to access an infected computer. That means that malicious parties may have access to all contents on a computer, including files and saved passwords. The malware could also work as a keylogger, meaning it may record your keystrokes as you try to log in to your social media, email, bank and cryptocurrency accounts. Furthermore, it may track your online activities, turn on the camera for further spying, as well as install additional malware. Overall, it’s a dangerous malware that should be deleted as soon as possible.

XpertRAT removal

To detect and remove XpertRAT, you definitely need to use anti-spyware software. Do not attempt to manually uninstall XpertRAT because you could end up doing even more damage. Even after you delete XpertRAT, you should still keep the anti-malware active in order to prevent future malware infections from getting in.


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