What is xf-autocad-kg_x64.exe

About xf-autocad-kg_x64.exe

xf-autocad-kg_x64.exe is an executable file that seems to be related to a hacking tool that is used to crack software. Cracking software is essentially using a special program that generates fake activation keys in order to trick a paid program into believing it’s been activated. It’s essentially stealing programs. If you notice this file on your computer, you likely recently download some software crack.


The file is detected by most anti-virus programs so if you have one, it will immediately be triggered and warn you about a potential infection. It should be noted that while software cracks are usually not malicious themselves, they are often paired up with malware. Most pirated content will come with malware, which is one of the reasons why you should avoid it.

Is xf-autocad-kg_x64.exe dangerous?

If the executable is on your computer, you need to review your browsing and computer usage habits. This particular file appears when you download certain software crack programs. As we’ve said above, software cracks are used to bypass paying for a program to activate it. It’s illegal and is essentially stealing software. If you’re not bothered about that, at least consider how much danger you’re putting your computer in by downloading illegal content. Software cracks, pirated TV series/films, music, etc., they’re all often paired up with dangerous malware, which could do serious damage. You could end up installing a data-stealing trojan, or ransomware that encrypts your files. Next time you’re thinking of pirating content, consider all the consequences.

xf-autocad-kg_x64.exe removal

You definitely need to remove xf-autocad-kg_x64.exe from your computer. A lot of reliable anti-malware programs will detect and get rid of it for you. Do not attempt to manually delete xf-autocad-kg_x64.exe as you could end up missing something or possibly doing more damage.

Here’s how the file will be detected:

  • A Variant Of Win32/Keygen.HA Potentially by ESET
  • HackTool:Win32/Keygen by Microsoft
  • HackTool:Win32/Keygen by Sophos AV
  • ML.Attribute.HighConfidence by Symantec
  • HT_KEYGEN_FE2000D1.UVPM by TrendMicro


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