What is WhatsappTime?

WhatsappTime is a program that allows users to use WhatsApp on their computer instead of their phone as is usual. It was developed by SoftNinjas and is similar to some apps used in the same way for other social media platforms. It is important to mention, however, that WhatsappTime is not affiliated with the popular app itself. Although it has an official website, it is also hosted on third-party domains like Softpedia, Softonic, and many others. If you do not remember installing the app intentionally, it is possible that it entered your system bundled with other freeware. In this case, we suggest that you terminate WhatsappTime.


How does WhatsappTime work?

As we have mentioned above, WhatsappTime is hosted on third-party sites, which means that it can enter your system surreptitiously. When you download free software, it usually comes with additional offers that appear in the wizard (in the Advanced mode). If you fail to notice these offers and agree to all conditions without paying any attention to them, you add potentially unwanted applications onto your computer. We urge you not to do that as PUAs can be quite bothersome and (most of the time) completely useless.

Although WhatsappTime could provide you with beneficial features, it is also known to collect different information about you and share it with third parties for advertising purposes. Moreover, the app may insert unwanted fake ads into your browsers clicking on which could lead you to malign pages and/or scams. You have to be wary of these adverts in order to keep your device safe and clean from malware, Trojans, and other more serious infections that could damage your data. If you wish to go back to a more secure way of online browsing, we recommend that you delete WhatsappTime along with other potentially unwanted apps that may have entered your system bundled with free third-party software.

How to remove WhatsappTime?

Luckily, WhatsappTime removal is non-problematic as the unwanted program is not a complex virus. You can uninstall WhatsappTime manually or you can do that automatically. Manual WhatsappTime removal instructions are provided below this article and they can be used to uninstall other unwanted apps as well. If, however, you wish to not only eliminate WhatsappTime, but also improve your online safety, you should go with the automatic option instead. In order to delete WhatsappTime automatically, you will need to implement a malware prevention and removal tool. You are welcome to use one from our page. It will scan your system, detect all issues, and clean your device thoroughly. The anti-malware will also help you prevent having to deal with similar and more serious online threats in the future.

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