Vzwpix email virus [Explained]

What is a Vzwpix email virus

Vzwpix email virus refers to malware that could be sent via Vzwpix emails. Vzwpix is a picture and video messaging service by Verizon, one of the biggest service providers in America. The service allows users to text email addresses, and it often happens accidentally when users send pictures or large MMS messages. While the message is sent as a text from the phone, the receiver gets it in their email inbox. The sender’s email address would be their phone number with vzwpix added (e.g. xxxxxxxxxx@vzwpix.com). The email would come with a file attachment, which would contain the message. Users have reported many times that text messages come as emails all the time, without them doing anything. However, this report is not about that.

Vzwpix email virus

What we’d like to talk about is that this service can be used to distribute malware. Multiple users have reported receiving strange emails with attachments coming from a phone number followed by @vzwpix.com. Malicious actors are able to spoof phone numbers, which would make it seem like the email was sent from someone the receiver knows. Without much thought, the receiver would open the attachment to see what the message was only to infect their computers with malware because the attached file was malicious.

How to know whether an email is legitimate

We’ve already established that Vzwpix is a legitimate service provided by Verizon, and that it allows users to send emails via messaging apps like iMessage. The sender’s phone number plus @vzwpix.com would come up as the sender’s email address. The actual message or picture that was sent would be displayed in the attached file, meaning users would need to first download the file and open it to read the message. Generally, a file containing a text message would have a .txt extension.

As is the case with most services, malicious actors have misused this service to perform malicious activities. They have started sending users emails with malicious attachments from spoofed phone number email addresses. The email may look like a regular email sent via the Vzwpix service but instead of a message in the attached file, it would contain some kind of malware. Users, particularly those who often receive text messages via email, may not think twice about opening the attached file. Downloading it will not do anything, but opening it is the problem. By opening the file, users would be initiating the malware.

Regular messages via Vzwpix service will come in a file with a .txt file extension. However, malicious ones will probably have a hidden .exe or .zip extension. Once the file is downloaded and opened, the malware may initiate. Depending on the malware, it may not show any obvious signs of being present in order to conceal its presence for a longer period of time.

Generally, emails carrying malware are pretty obvious. They are sent from obviously spam email addresses, contain loads of grammar and spelling mistakes, make no sense contentwise, and strongly pressure users into opening the attachments. However, these Vzwpix email virus ones may not be so obvious. They could be using spoofed phone number email addresses to make it seem like the message was sent by someone the receiver knows. Though that would mean someone is targeting the receiver specifically, and it’s not a massively distributed email. These emails also contain no text, and just have a file attached them.

You should treat @Vzwpix emails as you would regular ones, meaning you should always be cautious. Pay particularly close attention to the attached file’s extension. If it’s .exe or .zip, do not rush to open it. Before opening any email attachment, scan it with anti-virus software or a service like VirusTotal. This will tell you if the file contains malware.

Vzwpix email virus removal

Any suspicious emails received from a @vzwpix.com should either be ignored or deleted right away, preferably the latter. Never open suspicious email attachments, especially if they come with extensions like .exe or .zip. If you have recently opened a @vzwpix.com email attachment, we strongly suggest you scan your computer with anti-malware software. In case there is some kind of infection, the anti-malware software would delete Vzwpix email virus from your computer.

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