URL:Phishing – What is?

What is URL:Phishing

URL:Phishing is a false positive shown by anti-virus programs AVG and Avast. AVG and Avast forums are full of reports of users claiming that various safe sites are being detected as URL:Phishing. If a site is detected as URL:Phishing, users are prevented from entering it. All kinds of websites seem to be falsely detected as URL:Phishing, and the only solution the anti-virus has provided is reporting the site as a false positive. If it is found to be indeed a false detection, it would be removed and the detection alert would no longer appear when users try to visit the site.


If you have encountered this problem and a site you frequent is now suddenly being detected by your AVG or Avast anti-virus programs, you should not rush to report the site as a false positive. You should first carefully check whether the site you want to visit is safe. Only after you have determined it safe should you try to bypass the detection alert by whitelisting the site or reporting the false positive.

How to remove URL:Phishing alert?

According to users, the alert seems to appear when visiting perfectly safe sites. The alert says “We’ve safely aborted connection on [sitename] because it was infected with URL:Phishing”, and it’s detected by Web Shield. It also appears to be an issue for both free and paid users.

If you are sure the detection is a false positive, you can try excluding the site from scanning. AVG provides instructions on how to do that here. You should also report the site as a suspected false positive so that the anti-virus program stops detecting it. You can fill out a suspected false positive form here. Disabling Web Shield would also be a solution but we don’t recommend that as you would lose a layer of protection when browsing.

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