“System Warning Alert” pop-up scam

What is “System Warning Alert”?

“System Warning Alert” is a pop-up scam that tricks users into calling a fake tech support number. The bogus notification claims to come from Microsoft and urges users to call a Microsoft Tool Free number. The message even uses scare tactics by stating that if you close the page, your computer access will be disabled to prevent additional damage to your network. The alert is completely misleading and is only used to scam you into wasting your money by calling the fake tech support. We advise that you ignore the message completely, and get rid of “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam as soon as you can.

System Warning Alert pop-up scam

How does “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam work?

The reason you keep encountering the “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam is because you have an ad-supported application on your device. The adware is causing this and other ads to appear on your screen whenever you use a web browser. Ad-supported apps spread online through freeware and shareware. They get installed on your computer when you fail to un-check them during the installation. These apps rarely have any useful features and their only goal is to generate revenue for their creators by flooding users with ads. Most of these ads are completely fake and cannot be trusted in the least.

The “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam is just one of the fake adverts that you will see online. The scam tricks users into calling a fake tech support number and disclosing their personal details. In addition to that, the tech support scammers try to convince you that you have serious problems with your computer and attempt to sell you fake software. Needless to say, this can result in unnecessary money losses. You should not call the number or interact with the scam in any way. What you should do is delete “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam related adware that is causing the unreliable ads to appear on your screen.

How to remove “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam?

“System Warning Alert” pop-up scam may initiate a full-screen browser mode and display pop-ups that you will not be able to close normally. In order to unlock your browser, you will have to use the Windows Task Manager:

  • Right-click on the taskbar and choose Task Manager (or press Ctrl+Alt+Del and choose Start Task Manager)
  • Find your web browser process and left-click on it
  • Once you select the process, click End Task
  • Your browser will now be closed
  • Next time you open your browser, do not restore session

In order to remove “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam from your browsers for good, you will have to identify and uninstall the adware that is responsible for it. If you know which app is ad-supported, you can delete “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam manually (instructions are provided below). If, on the other hand, you are not sure which program is to blame, you should go with the automatic “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam removal option. In order to eliminate “System Warning Alert” pop-up scam related adware automatically, you should implement an anti-malware tool. The anti-malware from our site can help you with that. It will detect the ad-supported and other unwanted apps and clean your system from all of them.

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