Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro Removal

What is Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro

Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro, while advertised as a system optimization program, is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to its behaviour and installation methods. It’s one of those programs that claims to be able to optimize your computer but actually only wants you to buy its useless full version. It will show you false or exaggerated scan results to make you believe your computer has a lot of issues but will not “fix” them unless you first purchase the full version of the program. This is a common tactic used by many supposed system optimizers, which is why you should be very careful when looking for legitimate optimizers.

Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro

The program is distributed via quite questionable methods, including fake notifications appearing in browsers and freeware bundling. It’s also advertised as a system optimization tool that can improve your computer’s performance, so it is possible you downloaded it yourself. The program claims to optimize your system by deleting a few files, modifying the registry and similar. However, most things it supposedly cleans have little effect on the computer. And programs with registry cleaning features are problematic. Thus, we do not recommend using the program, and advise against buying its full version. Instead, you should delete Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro.

Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro installation methods

These kinds of questionable system optimizers use software bundling to install. Bundling software is adding additional offers (adware, browser hijackers and PUPs) to freeware. The offers are optional but they’re set to install alongside the program automatically, unless users manually deselect them. The offers are hidden from users to ensure their installation but it’s not difficult to make them visible. But many users do not pay attention to how they install programs, which is why these kinds of infections are quite widespread.

To prevent unwanted offers from installing alongside freeware, choose Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. Advanced settings, unlike Default, will display everything that has been added, and you will be able to deselect everything. If there is something added, Advanced settings will show it, and from there all you need to do is uncheck the boxes.

Keep in mind that many free programs will have these offers attached, and unless you want your computer to be filled with junk, you should be careful about how you install programs.

Should you uninstall Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro

As soon as the program installs, it will start showing you alerts about supposed issues detected on your computer. The things the program detects are mainly junk files, old registry entries, unnecessary shortcuts, etc, essentially things that don’t really have an effect on your computer. Removing a few junk files or old registry entries will not speed up the device, so many system optimizers are not useful programs. Furthermore, it’s not difficult to do this kind of cleanup manually.

The program’s scan results may surprise you. It could detect hundreds of issues, which may give the impression that there’s something seriously wrong. However, because each issue is detected separately, the number may seem bigger than it actually is. We suggest you carefully inspect the scan results because these kinds of programs tend to exaggerate issues or falsify them altogether. The program will not fix whatever is detected unless you first purchase the program’s full version. We do not recommend doing that as most things it does you can do yourself manually.

Many believe that system optimizers are not necessary to keep a computer running smoothly. If you think otherwise, there other, more reliable programs out there. You simply need to do research. However, be aware that there are many bogus programs that don’t actually work.

Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro removal

In order to remove Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro, we suggest using anti-spyware software. The program would find and remove all of the program’s components, preventing it from being able to recover. You can delete Smart Fix It Registry Optimizer Pro manually, though that may take longer because you’d have to find all of the program’s files yourself.


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