Secure Driver Updater Removal [Explained]

What is Secure Driver Updater

Secure Driver Updater is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), advertised as a tool that will scan for old drivers and update them. The reason it’s classified as potentially unwanted is because it can install without users’ permission, and once it installs it may try to trick users into buying the full version of the program. These kinds of programs are usually advertised as very useful, particularly for improving the computer’s performance. However, the program is more pesky than it is useful, certainly not as useful that it would be worth paying for.

Secure Driver Updater

It’s not a malicious program so it will not harm your computer but it’s nothing useful either. Driver updates can be updated automatically by the operating system, and there is no need to use an additional program for this, despite what such programs claim.

You likely don’t even remember installing it. The program could have come attached to some other program you installed. This is called software bundling, and it’s quite a questionable installation method, as it allows programs to install without requiring permission from users. If that is how this program installed, it’s more than enough reason to delete Secure Driver Updater from your computer.

How do PUPs install?

One of the reasons a PUP is classified as such is because of its use of software bundling. Software bundling, in short, is adding additional offers to programs, usually freeware. When users install such a program, they have the option to install the offers as well. However, the problem is that those offers are set to install alongside automatically. They are optional but are hidden from users initially, which allows them to sneak past users who pay less attention. This is how users end up with program they don’t remember installing.

If you want to be able to prevent unwanted additional installations when installing freeware, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings during installation. Those settings will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. All you need to do is uncheck the boxes, once you do that you can continue installing the program.

Keep in mind that the majority of freeware you download from those free download sites will have some kind of offer attached to it. If you don’t pay attention to how you install programs, you will quickly fill up your computer with junk programs that are completely useless to you and only take up space.

It’s somewhat possible that you downloaded and installed the program yourself. But with so many similar programs available, it would be quite difficult for you to come across this one in particular. However, if you did indeed install the program yourself, consider researching programs more extensively before installing them in the future.

Is Secure Driver Updater dangerous?

Secure Driver Updater, as the name suggests, is supposed to find and install driver updates. By installing these updates, it claims to be able to improve the computer’s general performance, increase startup speed and keep the computer running like new. Unfortunately, these kinds of programs are incapable of actually improving the computer’s performance. In many cases, they don’t do anything at all.

Secure Driver Updater is not a dangerous program, nor will it perform some kind of malicious activity. However, it’s also not something that is particularly useful. It’s not uncommon for programs like Secure Driver Updater to show fake scan results in order to pressure users into buying the full program. Secure Driver Updater may be trying to do the same, which is why you should carefully check the scan results it shows you.

Many consider programs like Secure Driver Updater to be completely unnecessary. Windows can automatically update drivers without needing some additional program.

How to remove Secure Driver Updater

You can uninstall Secure Driver Updater both manually and using an anti-virus program. The latter may be easier, particularly for users who have little experience with uninstalling programs. Instructions for manual Secure Driver Updater removal will be provided below this report.

Secure Driver Updater is detected by:

  • Kaspersky – Hoax.Win32.PCFixer.gen
  • Microsoft – PUA:Win32/Systweak
  • Malwarebytes – PUP.Optional.Jawego
  • ESET – A Variant Of Win32/Jawego.C Potentially Unwanted


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