“Secure Boot Violation” message Removal Steps

“Secure Boot Violation” message may be a scam

“Secure Boot Violation” message refers to a tech-support scam that aims to trick users into calling the provided phone number. “Secure Boot Violation” is a legitimate error message that some users may get for one reason or another, but it’s also a message used by tech-support scams to trick users. The legitimate error and the tech-support scam messages are very different, however.

Secure Boot Violation message

The tech-support scam “Secure Boot Violation” message is a screenlocker, meaning you won’t be able to use your computer when the message appears. The scam claims that your Windows have been shut down to prevent damage to the system. Supposedly, “unauthorized changes to your firmware, operating system or UEFI drivers” have detected, forcing Windows to shut down. Not allowing users to use the computer is supposed to reinforce the notion that the computer is actually locked by Microsoft, as the scam is claiming. The message claims that to gain access to the computer, you would need to put in your serial key. However, whatever key you type in, it will always show the same error message. And according to the scam, if the error continually appears, you are supposed to call the shown number, which would supposedly connect you to Microsoft technicians. However, in reality, it would be professional scammers you would be connected to.

The reason you are getting this message is because you picked up a ransomware infection. But fortunately, it will not encrypt files. To remove “Secure Boot Violation” message, you will need to use anti-malware software.

Ransomware is causing the message to appear

While adware is usually the one showing tech-support scams, ransomware is responsible for this one. Fortunately, this ransomware is just a screenlocker so your files will not be encrypted.

It appears that users are tricked into installing it. It comes disguised as Driver Update, a program meant to install driver updates. When users download it from a questionable sources, they end up installing this scareware. This is why it’s very important that you only download software from official and trustworthy sources. Avoid downloading from ads and unreliable sites. Furthermore, you should always research programs before installing them. A simple Google search usually provides more than enough results to help determine whether a program is malicious.

How does the scam work

When users install the malicious Driver Update program, the scareware locks the computer and displays a message saying Windows has been deliberately shut down to prevent damage to the computer. The message is full screen, with a red background, and looks more legitimate than most tech-support scams. You are asked to put in your serial key to boot Windows as normal, but whatever key you put in, you’ll get an error message. The scam claims that if you get the error message, you need to call the provided number. The numbers shown in this scam may differ but the one we have seen is 1(855)-913-9111.

The reason this is called a tech-support scam is because if you were to call the shown number, you’d be connected to scammers pretending to be legitimate tech-support. These professional scammers would first ask you to provide remote access to your computer. If you comply, they would tinker about, pretending to be diagnosing the problem. They would also install some highly questionable program to supposedly fix the issue. At the end of the call, you’d be asked to pay hundreds of dollars for these services, which you didn’t actually get as there was nothing wrong with your computer. You can check YouTube for videos on how exactly these scams work.

For future reference, keep in mind that Microsoft does not lock computers, and certainly does not make unsolicited contact. Every single one of these error messages with phone numbers will be scams so do not dial.

“Secure Boot Violation” message removal

In order to unlock your computer and delete “Secure Boot Violation” message, you will need to get rid of the ransomware installed on your computer. Booting your computer in Safe Mode and using anti-malware software is necessary to remove “Secure Boot Violation” message causing scareware. Fortunately, this malware does not encrypt files, so you can return to normal computer use once the infection is no longer present.


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