SafeSoft PC Cleaner Removal

What is SafeSoft PC Cleaner

SafeSoft PC Cleaner is potentially unwanted program (PUP) , advertised as a system optimizer that will supposedly improve the computer’s performance. The program claims to be able to reveal your computer’s “real performance” by cleaning it. By cleaning, the program means deleting certain files, managing startup, removing registry entries, etc.

SafeSoft PC Cleaner

While system optimizers are often advertised as magic bullets that make old computers perform like new, in reality, system optimizers barely do anything, and they certainly don’t make an old computer run like a new one. Deleting a few files does nothing for the computer, so many users are rightfully skeptical of all system optimization tools. There’s also a lot of programs that show fake or exaggerated scan results in order to pressure users into buying the full program, which is usually necessary to fix the detected issues. It appears that while it no longer does this, SafeSoft PC Cleaner used to detect very minor issue and present them as serious. This is a very questionable tactic and programs that use it should not be allowed to remain installed.

We should mention that the program is not malicious, nor should it harm your computer. PUPs are usually pretty harmless but there is a reason why they are classified as potentially unwanted. Thus, we recommend you delete SafeSoft PC Cleaner.

How does SafeSoft PC Cleaner install?

One of the reasons PUPs are classified as such is because they install via freeware bundles. What that means is that they may come attached to free software as extra offers, and users would need to manually deselect them to prevent their installation. But it appears the SafeSoft PC Cleaner optimizer does not spread this way.

It can be downloaded from its official website, as well as free download sites. However, with so many system optimization programs available, stumbling upon SafeSoft PC Cleaner in particular is rather unlikely. It’s possible that it is using some suspicious advertising method, such as fake virus/issue alerts.

Should you uninstall SafeSoft PC Cleaner

Like all system optimization programs, SafeSoft PC Cleaner claims to be able to greatly improve your computer’s performance. Among its features, according to its official website, are:

  • Cleans your PC to reveal its real performance;
  • Eliminates files and data that only eat up your storage;
  • Programs and Apps can be optimized for maximum performance;
  • Automated deletion of unused data registries;
  • Modifies your Windows’ boot configuration;
  • Keeps your PC performing like when you first bought it.

This all sounds great and it’s understandable why some users would think SafeSoft PC Cleaner is a useful program. However, the things it promises to do rarely have any kind of noticeable effect on the computer. And the promises to keep the computer performing like when it was first bought are unrealistic. No system optimizer is capable of speeding up an old computer.

SafeSoft PC Cleaner has a registry cleaning feature, which is not at all a good feature to have. System optimizers claim that cleaning the registry could improve the computer’s performance, but it actually could do the opposite. Deleting the wrong entry could have disastrous consequences, and even Microsoft itself has advised against using them. If the wrong entry is deleted, you may need to reinstall your Windows.

SafeSoft PC Cleaner is not a free program, though some feature are free of charge. The program costs €61.11/year, which is a lot for a system optimizer that does things you can easily do yourself. You can easily delete unused files yourself, you can manage which programs launch on startup, you can uninstall programs easily. And Windows detect malware via Windows Defender, and automatically install updates when they come out. Thus, whether SafeSoft PC Cleaner is a useful program is debatable.

In the end, whether you need a program like SafeSoft PC Cleaner is your choice, but do consider whether paying €61.11 for it is worth it.

SafeSoft PC Cleaner removal

You should be able to remove SafeSoft PC Cleaner manually without any issues. However, it is detected by a couple of anti-virus programs so you can use them to delete SafeSoft PC Cleaner as well. It’s detected by Emsisoft, Malwarebytes and ESET.


You can find more information about WiperSoft on its official website, and find its uninstallation instructions here. Before installing, please familiarize yourself with WiperSoft EULA and Privacy Policy. WiperSoft will detect malware for free and gives Free trail to remove it.

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