Remove ProduceStyle [Explained]

What is ProduceStyle

ProduceStyle is a potentially unwanted program (PUP) that promotes a highly questionable search engine SafeFinder. The infection affects Mac computers, attaches itself to browsers and changes their settings without permission. ProduceStyle primarily aims to generate traffic and revenue by redirecting you to sponsored sites and bombarding your screen with ads. It’s a relatively harmless infection and won’t cause harm to your device. However, it’s very annoying. You will start getting randomly redirected to certain sites, there will be an increase in ads, and your search results may be modified to contain sponsored content. We should mention that the advertisement content you’ll be exposed to by this infection may not necessarily be safe. You could end up on sites promoting malware or scams. Thus, you should not wait to delete ProduceStyle.



Adware is usually installed by users themselves, though they usually do it accidentally. It may come attached to free software as an extra offer, and if you do not manually deselect it, it will be permitted to install alongside the freeware. Most users end up completely missing these offers because they are purposely hidden. But fortunately, it’s not difficult to prevent the unwanted installations, and we will explain in the following section.

ProduceStyle installation methods

It’s highly unlikely that you installed the extension yourself, seeing as it’s completely useless and has no features. What likely happened is the PUP was attached to free software you installed. Attaching extra offers (usually adware, browser hijackers and PUPs) to free software is referred to as software bundling. The offers are permitted to install alongside the free program, unless users manually deselect them. However, in many cases, users are unaware of anything being attached because the offers are hidden. To make them visible, users need to choose Advanced (Custom) settings when installing freeware. Advanced settings will also allow you to deselect all offers. After you have unchecked all boxes, you can continue installing the program.

It’s also possible you were tricked into installing it. Infections like this are often pushed via fake update notifications. When you browse certain high-risk websites, you may come across ads made to appear like legitimate Apple notifications. Those ads falsely claim that you urgently need to install some kind of update, and provide a link. For future reference, keep in mind that legitimate update notifications will never appear in your browser. Most programs update automatically, and if you do need to update something manually, you should download the update only from the official website.

Should you remove ProduceStyle

As soon as the extension attaches itself to popular browsers like Safari, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, it will start showing you advertisements and redirecting you to certain websites. It will also change your browser’s settings and set SafeFinder as your default search engine. If you perform a search via the browser address bar, you’ll be redirected to Yahoo via SafeFinder. No matter what search engine you used in the past, you will now get results via Yahoo. It’s a perfectly legitimate search engine that you can use safely, but you should always have a choice. There’s also no need to access Yahoo via some questionable third-party website when you can go there directly.

The most worrying part of this infection is the redirects and pop-ups. You will be randomly redirected to questionable website promoting questionable things. Be particularly careful not to downloading anything from advertisements because you could end up with something malicious. You should also ignore any ads that claim you have won something or ones that warn you about supposed infections on your computer. The “you have won” ads are mere scams that want your personal information, and the ones claiming you need to remove threats from your Mac are tech-support scams.

You should also know these kinds of PUPs usually track users and their online activities, such as websites visited, search queries, ads clicked, IP address, etc. This information is often used to generate more relevant ads.

ProduceStyle removal

We strongly suggest you use anti-spyware software to uninstall ProduceStyle from your computer. Because the program will do everything for you, it will be the easiest way. However, you can also remove ProduceStyle manually. Open Finder -> Applications, find ProduceStyle and drag it to the trash. Do the same to all related files. Right-click on the trash icon and select Empty Trash.


You can find more information about WiperSoft on its official website, and find its uninstallation instructions here. Before installing, please familiarize yourself with WiperSoft EULA and Privacy Policy. WiperSoft will detect malware for free and gives Free trail to remove it.

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  • MalwareBytes

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Uninstall ProduceStyle with anti-spyware software

It is a good idea to use anti-spyware or some other malware removal software for ProduceStyle removal because it is the easiest. ProduceStyle should be removed by anti-spyware easily because their purpose is dealing with such threats. To uninstall ProduceStyle, you have to download the program and perform a scan. If you continue reading, you’ll also find instructions explaining manual ProduceStyle deletion.

How to manually uninstall ProduceStyle from Windows

Windows XP

  1. Press Start (the windows logo located bottom-left corner of the screen) or tap the window key on your keyboard, pick Settings and then Control Panel.
  2. Click on Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Uninstall ProduceStyle.
  4. We also recommend checking through all other programs to see if anything else causes suspicion.

Windows 7

  1. Click Start (the windows logo) or press the windows key – Control Panel.
  2. Pick Programs and Features and then Uninstall a program.
  3. Delete ProduceStyle.
  4. We also suggest going through all other applications for anything else suspicious, and if there’s anything, remove it/them.

Windows 8/10

  1. You’ll have to open Programs and Features by right-clicking on Start and pressing Programs and Features.
  2. Delete ProduceStyle.
  3. Check all installed programs for other suspicious applications and delete them.

Delete ProduceStyle from your Mac OS manually

It’s very simple to delete ProduceStyle from your Mac. But we will also guide you through removing any related files after ProduceStyle deletion.

  1. Click on Finder (the first icon from the left on your dock) and select Applications from the menu on the left.
  2. Put ProduceStyle into the trash.
  3. Trash any other questionable program you’re unfamiliar with.
  4. Press Go from the menu bar and then Go to Folder.
  5. Type /Library/LaunchAgents, and trash any suspicious and recently-added files.
  6. Access Go to Folder again, and put in /Library/Application Support. Search for any recently-added or otherwise suspicious files and put them in the trash.
  7. Go back to Go to Folder, and type ~/Library/LaunchAgents. Drag all dubious files to the trash.
  8. Return to Go to Folder, and type /Library/LaunchDaemons. If Any recently-added files look questionable, drag them to the trash.
  9. Right-click on the trash icon and press Empty Trash.

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