Remove PO Copy email virus

What is PO Copy email virus

PO Copy email virus refers a malspam campaign that is spreading the Agent Tesla remote access tool (RAT). The email aims to trick users into opening the malicious file attached to it. The emails are sent by senders pretending to be Shyamsree Infrastructure, a real estate company, and supposedly a purchase order copy is attached to the email.

PO Copy email virus

This is a very poor attempt to trick people, as the email has all the classic signs of being a spam email. It’s doubtful users would open it thinking it’s a legitimate email, though some users may open the attachment out of curiosity. If the attachment is opened, it would initiate the malware, which in this case is the Agent Tesla RAT. While technically a legitimate program that can be purchased from its official website, Agent Tesla is often used by cyber criminals to remotely access an infected computer. The RAT tool could allow its operators to monitor an infected computer, access files, steal documents, log keystrokes, etc. Overall, it can do a lot of damage. They can also be difficult to detect without anti-virus software installed on a computer. In fact, the malware could go unnoticed for a long time.

If you have opened the email and the attachment, you now need to scan your computer with anti-virus software to delete PO Copy email virus. If the Agent Tesla RAT has been installed on your computer, it could do serious damage.

How to spot of malspam email?

If users are familiar with what malicious emails look like, they shouldn’t have any issues recognizing PO Copy email virus as such.

When users receive an unsolicited email with an attachment from an unknown sender, they should first check the sender’s email address. If the email address is completely random, made up of a weird combination of letters and numbers, it can be immediately disregarded as spam. Especially if the sender claims to be from a known company or organization. No legitimate company will send an email to clients from an unprofessional looking email. Even if the email does look legitimate, users should still check whether it actually does belong to who the sender claims to be, especially if the email was unsolicited.

Another big clue that users may be dealing with a malicious or spam email is the abundance of grammar and spelling mistakes. For some reason, spam emails are always full of mistakes, both grammar and spelling. If you look closely at the PO Copy virus email, you will notice mistakes such as “too” used instead of “to”, and awkward wording like “basis for process the payment”.

When closely looking at the PO Copy email, you will notice that you are addressed as “Dear Concern”. That obviously is not a legitimate greeting, and immediately gives the spam email away. Usually, spam emails address users as “User”, “Member”, “Customer”, etc. Realistically, when a company sends an email to a client, they would address said client by their name, not a generic “Customer”.

Because some spam emails may be more sophisticated than others, it’s recommended to always scan email attachments with anti-virus programs or VirusTotal.

PO Copy email virus carries the Agent Tesla RAT

If you were to open the PO Copy file attached to this malicious email, you would be initiating the Agent Tesla remote access tool. Agent Tesla is advertised as a monitoring tool for companies to keep track of their employees, but it’s also used  by malicious actors to spy on victims, steal information, etc.

Initiating the RAT program on the computer would allow its operators to remotely access the computer and monitor it. The RAT program could work as a keylogger, allowing cyber crooks to record what you type when you enter certain websites, such as when you’re logging in to your email, social media sites, online bank or cryptocurrency account, etc. The tool could be used to access your documents, steal information, etc. Overall, misused RAT programs can do a lot of damage.

PO Copy email virus removal

If you haven’t opened the attached file, you can simply remove PO Copy email virus from your inbox. However, if you have opened the file, you need to scan your computer with anti-virus software. It should detect Agent Tesla if it inside your computer.

Agent Tesla is detected as:

  • Trojan.Autoit (A) by Emsisoft
  • MSIL/Spy.Agent.AES by ESET
  • Trojan.GenericKD.31825418 by BitDefender
  • AutoIt:Injector-JF [Trj] by Avast/AVG
  • Trojan.Agent.FA by Malwarebytes
  • Trojan-Dropper.Win32.Scrop.uod by Kaspersky
  • Trojan:AutoIt/AgentTesla.SD!rfn by Microsoft


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