Remove Max Disk Tuner

What is Max Disk Tuner

Max Disk Tuner is a system optimizer for Mac computers that’s classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP). Despite being detected by anti-virus programs like Avast, ESET, Symantec, AVG, and Microsoft, it’s not actually harmful. It will not harm the computer, though it’s not particularly useful either. On its official website, it’s promoted as a tool that will clean your computer and improve its performance. It has features like cache, downloads and logs removal, duplicate finder, uninstaller and unnecessary file removal. It essentially claims to improve your Mac’s performance by deleting files. In reality, while an abundance of junk and large files on your computer can slow it down, removing them will not have significant impact on how your computer performs.

Max Disk Tuner

The thing about these system optimizers is that the majority of them don’t actually do anything you can’t do yourself manually. And programs like Max Disk Tuner are not free, with this one costing $29.95. Though it’s not certain whether the price is for a lifetime subscription or 6 months/1 year. If it’s for a certain length of time, the subscription would renew automatically and you’d be charged again.

While it’s not a malicious programs, we do not recommend keeping it installed. It’s not useful, and certainly not worth paying for. Thus, we suggest you remove Max Disk Tuner. Uninstalling programs from Macs is not difficult so you should be able to do it yourself if you don’t want to use an anti-virus program.

In general, be skeptical of system optimizers, especially if they detect a lot of issues on your computer. It’s not uncommon for questionable system optimizers to show fake scan results or exaggerate them in order to pressure users into buying the full versions of programs, which is necessary to use their features fully.

Can Max Disk Tuner harm your computer?

As we mentioned above, Max Disk Tuner isn’t actually a harmful program. It’s not malware so it will not do damage. However, it’s not useful either as all it does it remove a couple of files.

As soon as you install it, it will start showing you notifications to encourage you to use it. The notifications can be quite annoying, depending on how often they pop up. It will also likely launch automatically upon computer startup. This can also be very annoying.

The program itself looks like a regular system optimizer, and appears easy to use. But that mainly is because it has very little features. It mainly focuses on freeing up space by deleting junk and large files. It also works as an uninstaller. If these seem like very basic features, that’s because they are. And you can do everything yourself. It’s easy to do some computer optimization, especially on a Mac computer. There are also various guides available on the Internet, even ones provided by Apple (such as this one), and they show clear instructions on what to do to achieve the best results. There really is no reason to use system optimizers, especially paid ones.

If you do a scan with Max Disk Tuner, the results may be rather worrying. It will likely detect hundreds if not more issues. Keep in mind that programs like Max Disk Tuner often show exaggerated results in order to alarm users enough to buy the full version.┬áMax Disk Tuner costs $29.95, which is a lot for a program with such minimal features. And it’s also not clear what length of time it covers.

It’s not recommended to buy the program, and you’re probably better off doing optimization yourself manually. Unless your computer has zero space left, Max Disk Tuner removing a few files will not do anything. And overall, system optimizers are usually not necessary.

Max Disk Tuner removal

You can uninstall Max Disk Tuner both manually and using anti-virus software. It’s not a malicious program so you can uninstall it as a normal program. But if you prefer, the anti-virus programs mentioned in the beginning detect and delete Max Disk Tuner from the Mac.


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