Remove is a deceptive website is a deceptive site that tries to trick users into installing questionable apps. Users get redirected to this page when browsing questionable websites, or if their device has some kind of adware installed. The site shows a false but nonetheless alarming message that says “Your iPhone connections was hacked and someone is tracking you!”. It further claims that unless users deal with the issue within a couple of minutes, the hacker will reveal their identities and send their browsing histories to all contacts. There will also be a countdown to further pressure users to act. Users are asked to download the offered VPN (Secnet VPN) to “solve” this issue.


In case it hasn’t been made clear yet, whatever message shows users, it’s false. All of the claims about hackers tracking users, stealing their data, etc., are just a ploy to trick users into installing questionable apps. Some of those apps may be available on the Apple App Store but downloading them is not recommended. Those apps may try to trick users into purchasing subscriptions for close to $100, and they may use various tactics so users barely notice that they are agreeing to pay.

If users get redirected to on their iPhones, it’s unlikely that some kind of infection is present. It’s more likely that users were browsing a high-risk site and clicked on something that triggered a redirect. There are many sites that use low-quality ads to generate revenue, and those ads may expose users to all kinds of potential threats. Sites that have potentially dangerous ads are usually ones hosting pornography or pirated content. As long as users are careful when visiting those sites, they should be fine. However, if they do get redirected, they should pay no attention to the contents of the site and simply close the window. mainly promotes scams

While the scams may differ, will always display one. The one it’s currently pushing is promoting a VPN called Secnet VPN. Performing a search with Google makes it clear that Secnet VPN is far from being a reliable app. But even without googling, it’s pretty clear that the program is no good, mainly because it uses false advertising to force users to install it.

When users get redirected to the site, there will be an alarming message claiming someone is tracking them. The message is fairly generic, claims that  a hacker is targeting the user and will expose his/her browsing history unless the offered app is installed. Different apps may be advertised with this scam, but installing any of them is not recommended. While it is true that using a virtual private network (VPN) will make the browsing more private as it encrypts the connection and prevents anyone from sneaking a peak at what users are doing, users shouldn’t be using a random VPN. And as we said above, Secnet VPN is far from being reliable. Some users have reported that the app tricked them into paying $80 for subscriptions they did not want.

Apps that use such questionable advertising techniques and purposely try to mislead users should not be trusted. And for future reference, the browser will never show legitimate alerts about hackers trying to access users’ devices. Every single alert in the browser about viruses, hackers, etc., will always be a scam. Downloading anything from them would be a big mistake as there is no way of knowing what will actually download. removal

When users get redirected on an iPhone, there is no need to delete as there is no infection on the device. The redirect was likely triggered by the site the user was visiting. Nonetheless, tweaking a couple of settings is recommended. To block pop-ups, users need to open Settings -> Safari, scroll down and toggle on the “Block Pop-ups” feature, as well as turn on “Fraudulent Website Warning”. Users can also remove website data to ensure those pop-ups don’t reappear, and that is done by going to Settings -> Safari -> Advanced -> Website Data and pressing “Remove All Website Data”.

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