Remove Important Security Alert! scam

What is Important Security Alert! scam

Important Security Alert! scamĀ is a tech-support scam that aims to trick users into calling fake support numbers. Tech-support are very common and they are more or less the same. While the contents of the alert they show and their phone numbers may be different, they all work on the same principle. The scam first redirects you to a questionable website, then displays a fake alert claiming there is something wrong with your computer and/or that your data is being stolen, and then suggests you call the shown number. If you do call, you are connected to professional scammers (often located in India) who try to pull the wool over your eyes and request remote access to your computer to supposedly repair it. By the end of the “repair” session, you are asked to pay a couple of hundred dollars. This is how tech-support scams work, in principle.

Important Security Alert scam

If you end up on a site that’s displaying one of these scams, you either have adware installed on your computer, or you were browsing high-risk websites that have questionable ads. If you are dealing with adware, it will need to be removed to permanently remove Important Security Alert! scam from appearing on your screen.

Adware can often redirect to tech-support scams

In many cases, users end up on tech-support scam websites because they browse high-risk sites that have questionable ads. Among the high-risk sites are those providing pornography, pirated and free streaming content. If you frequent those sites, it’s recommended to have anti-virus and adblocker installed.

Adware can also be the reason you are redirected to a tech-support scam. Adware is a pretty minor computer infection that mainly tries to expose users to advertisements. It usually installs attached to free software as an additional offer, and it’s set to install alongside automatically. To prevent users from preventing their installation, the offers are also hidden. So unless you pay attention to how you’re installing programs, you won’t notice the offers and they’ll install alongside.

To prevent unwanted additional installations, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings during freeware installation. Advanced settings will display all offers and you’ll be able to deselect all of them. Simply uncheck the boxes of those offers and you can continue the installation. While some of the offers may seem useful, we don’t recommend installing any of them as they’ll likely turn out to be pests that only hinder your computer’s performance and interrupt your browsing.

Tech-support scams aim to trick users into paying for non-existent services

Tech-support scams primarily aim to make money. They do that by tricking users into paying for fake tech-support services. But to reach this point, they first need to scare users by showing a threatening alert.

When you get redirected to one of those scam websites, the first thing you will see is “Important Security Alert!” written in big letters. Below, there will be bogus claims about a supposed infection on your computer that is stealing your data. The fake alert will also claim that “all system resources are halted to prevent any damage” and that ignoring the warning and “closing the page will disable your computer access”, supposedly to prevent “further damage to your network”. Users who are knowledgeable about computers will know that this makes very little sense and that a computer does not get blocked by Microsoft because of a malware infection.

The alert claims that you need to call the shown number (in this case 0808-143-3686) in order to reach tech-support. If you were to actually call, you would be connected to scammers. They will ask why you’re calling, then request remote access to your computer. If you allow this, they will pretend to fix your computer while remotely connected, and potentially steal files/document in the meantime. In the end, they will demand that you pay hundreds of dollars for the services they have supposedly provided you. You would be paying for nothing, since there was nothing wrong with your computer in the first place.

For future reference, all virus alerts that appear in your browser will be scams since your browser is not capable of detecting malware. Furthermore, no legitimate alert will ever shown a phone number, especially not Microsoft or Apple. Alerts with phone numbers are immediate tech-support scams.

Important Security Alert! scam removal

If you were redirected to the scam once, just close the window. However, if you are constantly redirected to it, your computer is likely infected with adware. If that is the case, you will need to get rid of it to delete Important Security Alert! scam permanently. We recommend using anti-spyware software as it would take care of everything for you.


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