Remove Advanced Driver Updater [Explained]

What is Advanced Driver Updater?

Although it is advertised as a useful program, Advanced Driver Updater actually falls into the category of potentially unwanted apps. It is distributed in freeware and shareware bundles and often enters computers without users’ notice. Potentially unwanted software is often promoted as beneficial programs that can help you improve your browsing quality, optimize your system, or, in this case, update your drivers. Their real goal, however, is to expose you to as many adverts as possible and trick you into clicking on them. If you do so, the developers of these apps make money. We suggest that you delete Advanced Driver Updater from your system and so eliminate its ads from your browsers.

Advanced Driver Updater

How does Advanced Driver Updater work?

Once Advanced Driver Updater gets installed on your device, it performs a system scan. The tool scans for outdated drivers and presents you with the list of drivers that have to be updated. In order to update these drivers, you are offered to purchase the full version of the utility. Even if your computer indeed needs driver updates, using Advanced Driver Updater would not be recommended, because of its distribution method and the fact that it is classified as potentially unwanted. There are much more reliable apps that you can use instead of a suspect program that travels bundled with browsers hijackers and adware.

If you have the so-called updater, it is likely that you have other unwanted software as well. If you are experiencing such symptoms as never-ending ads and pop-ups that appear no matter which sites you go to, redirects to unfamiliar pages that happen out of nowhere, customized ads based on your previous searches, and more, it is possible that you have adware on your computer. If your browser settings such as home page and default search have been modified as well, then you are dealing with a browser hijacker. We advise that you delete Advanced Driver Updater and all other unwanted apps that you did not plan on installing without further delay.

How to remove Advanced Driver Updater?

Luckily, Advanced Driver Updater removal should not be a complicated task. You can uninstall Advanced Driver Updater manually or automatically. If you decide to go with the first option, you are welcome to use the instructions below the article. The alternative, more efficient solution that will allow you to not only delete Advanced Driver Updater, but also get rid of other unwanted apps that likely arrived with it is automatic removal, which requires using a malware prevention and removal tool. You can use the utility from our page. It will scan your device, detect all unreliable components, and eliminate Advanced Driver Updater with them.

Automatic Advanced Driver Updater removal

It’s easiest to uninstall Advanced Driver Updater from both Macs and Windows systems using security software like anti-spyware. Advanced Driver Updater should be uninstalled by anti-spyware with no trouble because they are developed to deal with such infections. To remove Advanced Driver Updater, you need to download the program and scan your computer. However, it’s also possible to uninstall Advanced Driver Updater manually, and we’ll explain in the below provided instructions.

How to manually uninstall Advanced Driver Updater from Windows

Windows XP

  1. Push the windows key on the keyboard to open Start menu (or just press Start), then select Settings and then Control Panel.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  2. Click on Add or Remove Programs.
  3. Locate and remove Advanced Driver Updater.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  4. Do the same to all additional not familiar applications.

Windows 7

  1. Tap the windows key to open start menu and select Control Panel.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  2. Pick Programs and Features and then Uninstall a program.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  3. Remove Advanced Driver Updater.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  4. We also recommend going through all other installed applications to see if anything else is suspicious.

Windows 8/10

  1. You’ll need to open Programs and Features by right-clicking on Start and selecting Programs and Features.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  2. Delete Advanced Driver Updater.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  3. Check through all your installed programs, and remove anything else can’t identify.

How to manually uninstall Advanced Driver Updater from Mac OS

You shouldn’t have any issues with deleting Advanced Driver Updater from your Mac device. But just deleting the application will not be enough, you will also need to remove any related files.

  1. Click on Finder (the first icon from the left on your dock) and select Applications from the side menu.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  2. Put Advanced Driver Updater into the trash.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  3. Check all your installed programs, and remove anything else questionable.
  4. In the menu bar, click Go – Go to Folder.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  5. Type /Library/LaunchAgents, and drag any questionable files to the trash.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  6. Go back to Go to Folder, and type /Library/Application Support. Search for any recently-added or otherwise questionable files and trash them.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  7. Open Go to Folder again, and type ~/Library/LaunchAgents. Drag all suspicious files to the trash.
    Advanced Driver Updater
  8. Access Go to Folder again, and put in /Library/LaunchDaemons. Put to the trash any dubious and recently-added files.
  9. Do not forget to empty the trash by right-clicking on the trash icon and clicking Empty Trash.
    Advanced Driver Updater

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