ModiRat Removal [Explained]

ModiRat is a remote access trojan

ModiRat is a remote access trojan (RAT) that can allow its operators access to an infected system remotely. It’s a dangerous piece of malware that could lead to cyber criminals stealing your data, including sensitive files and login credentials. It’s also a rather sneaky program that could stay in the background for a long time, without showing any outright obvious signs of being present. They usually don’t appear among the running programs in Task Manager, so unless you are an expert you would not notice ModiRat without anti-malware software notifying you. This is why having anti-malware installed on your device is so important. As soon as the malware entered, the program would stop it in its tracks and alert you of what happened. You will also need to use anti-malware software to delete ModiRat if it’s present on the computer. You should not attempt manual removal because you’d end up causing more damage.


Picking up this kind of malware is very easy. It usually spreads via software cracks, pirated content downloads, spam emails and fake software updates. We will explain this in more detail if you continue reading.

How are computers infected with ModiRat

This kind of malware uses a variety of different methods to infect computers. It can be added to spam email as an attachment, it could be disguised as a program crack or a torrent for a popular movie, game or TV series episode, and may also spread via fake software updates.

Spam emails often come with malware attached to them. The spam emails distributing malware are often made to appear like some kind of official correspondence sent by the bank, widely-known company, government agency, etc. When users see a familiar name, they may be less cautious and open the email without question. However, in most cases, the malicious emails are fairly obvious. First of all, they are sent from nonsense email addresses that are made up of random numbers and letters. They’re also full grammar and spelling mistakes, and strongly pressure users to open the email attachments. While spam emails are usually obvious, some may be more sophisticated. Thus, whenever you receive an unsolicited email with an attachment, scan the file with anti-virus software or VirusTotal.

Torrent sites are also full of malware, and it’s often torrents for popular games, TV shows, movies and programs that are disguised malware. We always discourage users from pirating but if you insist on doing it, always check the torrents before downloading them. Check the score, read the comments, see what files are included in the torrent and what extensions they have.

Malware can also be disguised as updates. When you visit certain high-risk websites, you may encounter ads claiming you need to install an update. These alerts appearing in your browser will always be fake, and if you download the supposed update, you’d end up downloading something potentially malicious.

What does ModiRat do?

ModiRat is a remote access trojan, and as you may have guessed from the classification, it allows its operators remote access to infected computers. In order to avoid detection, the malware stays in the background and does not show obvious indications of its presence. While it’s installed, crooks can use it to steal personal/sensitive information, log keystrokes to get login credentials, steal/delete files, spy on browsing activities, install other malware, etc. In short, having a remote access trojan infecting your computer could have disastrous consequences.

ModiRat will try to stay in the background in order to avoid alerting you. It will be immediately detected by anti-virus software but if you do not have it, you may not notice anything being wrong. There may be minor signs, however, such as a suddenly sluggish computer, random errors, programs crashing. Sudden unexplained change in your computer’s behaviour will almost always indicate some kind of infection being present.

ModiRat removal

You will definitely need to use anti-virus software to remove ModiRat. Do not attempt to uninstall it manually unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Otherwise, you may cause even more damage, or leave trojan leftovers, which could allow it to recover.


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