Matiex keylogger Removal [Explained]

What is a Matiex keylogger

Matiex keylogger is a piece of malware that comes with a variety of spying features. It’s a very invasive trojan that can log your keystrokes, take screenshots, record sound, and steal data. This keylogger seems to be relatively new, and is being sold for $25 per month on an easily accessible website. The malware has been noticed to be spreading via spam emails disguised as correspondence from a certain company, so if your computer gets infected, it was likely because you opened a malicious email attachment.

Matiex keylogger

Since keyloggers steal information, they are silent infections that work in the background. Unless users are familiar with what they should look for, they will not necessarily notice the infection present, which means it would be able to perform its malicious activities undisturbed. For most users, being able to detect and remove Matiex keylogger means using anti-virus software. If the computer is not protected by anti-malware software, the key logger may stay hidden for a long period of time, constantly stealing information.

How is this malware spread?

A malware researcher noticed that the keylogger is distributed via malicious emails concealed as correspondence from a certain company. Malware being distributed via emails is very common, as it’s a very low-effort way to infect users.

Fortunately, emails carrying malware are very obvious, even if you are not familiar with the signs of a malicious email. They are often disguised as correspondence from the bank, goverment agency, or some known company, and claim that opening the attached file is very important. For example, the email carrying the Matiex keylogger claims to be official correspondence from Nippon Kaiji Kyokai’s finance department. In awkward English, the email explains that you need to verify your bank account with them as they have been given two accounts and “are suspicious”. The email has a lot of mistakes and looks unprofessional, indicating that it is not sent by the legitimate Nippon Kaiji Kyokai. It also addresses you as Sir or Madam, which is another sign that you may be dealing with spam. If you had legitimate business with the company, and they contacted you with a specific request, question, etc., you would be addressed by your name, not a generic Sir/Madam.

Lastly, when it comes to unsolicited emails with attachments, it’s a good idea to scan the file with anti-virus software or VirusTotal. If the file was malicious, a scan would show it. We should also mention that if your computer is protected by reliable anti-malware software, it would stop the infection if you were to open a malicious file.

What does Matiex keylogger do?

Matiex keylogger appears to be a new keylogger. It has an official website where users can buy access to its features and use it to steal other users’ data. According to the site, the price for the keylogger is $25/month, $60/3 months and $99/year. Logs containing stolen data can be delivered to users via Telegram, SMTP, FTP, and Discord.

On infected computers, the keylogger will be able to record the keystrokes, take screenshots, record sound via microphone, and steal data saved in the clipboard. This kind of malware is dangerous because it could steal login credentials to important accounts, such as email, social media, online banking, cryptocurrency wallets, etc.

Due to the nature of keyloggers, they are mostly silent infections that hide their presence to avoid detection. There may be small signs indicating its presence, but most users likely wouldn’t notice without anti-malware software. The signs include a suddenly sluggish computer, weird processes in the Task Manager, and programs lagging or crashing. These are the main signs that usually indicate a malware infection, though these are general symptoms that don’t necessarily hint at a keylogger. If you notice these symptoms or your computer is suddenly acting weird, you urgently need to scan your computer with anti-malware software.

Matiex keylogger removal

Using anti-malware software to delete Matiex keylogger is necessary. It’s unlikely that you would be able to notice it, let along uninstall Matiex keylogger manually, as it is a sneaky infection. If the keylogger is detected on your computer, you need to change all your passwords and secure your accounts after you get rid of it.


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