What is Js/Adware.Agent.AW

Js/Adware.Agent.AW is a detection name used by ESET Internet Security anti-virus software. Users have reported that when accessing safe sites or performing a search with search engines like Google, an alert pops up from ESET claiming that Js/Adware.Agent.AW has been detected because your browser is trying to connect to a certain, potentially dangerous website. The alerts can get very annoying as they prevent you from browsing normally by appearing over and over again. This seems to be primarily a Google Chrome issue, though users have also reported to get it on the Opera browser as well.


ESET Internet Security showing this alert does not mean malware is on your computer. What is likely happening is that one your extensions may be trying to use a questionable advertising script and ESET Internet Security is picking up on it.

How to remove Js/Adware.Agent.AW

In order to delete Js/Adware.Agent.AW alerts, you need disable the extension that’s trying to connect to questionable websites. For some users, the detection notifications seem to be connected to the Vimeo Video Downloader. If you have this extension installed, you should try either disabling it or changing its permissions to read and write data when you click on it instead of always. Other extensions may be at fault as well so you should try disabling all your extensions one by one to see if the alerts stop, if Vimeo Video Downloader is not to blame.

To disable extensions on Google Chrome, press on the three dots top-right corner of the browser, select More tools and then Extensions. Review all extensions added to your browser, and delete questionable ones by pressing “Remove”. The extension that’s causing this may look harmless, so if you are not sure, disable the extensions one by one by toggling off the switch.


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