IOS /MAC Defender Alert Scam Removal

About IOS /MAC Defender Alert Scam

IOS /MAC Defender Alert Scam refers to a tech-support scam that tries to trick users into calling tech-support scam numbers. The reason these scams are referred to as tech-support scams is because if users call the shown numbers, they are connected to scammers pretending to be legitimate tech-support technicians. This particular scam will claim that your Mac computer is infected with a virus, and they are “suspicious about your MAC System Security”. The alert declares that unless you call the shown number (+3278251140), your computer may be locked permanently, or your hard disk may be erased.

IOS MAC Defender Alert Scam

The contents of these alerts may be alarming but they are all false. Your Mac isn’t infected with a virus and nothing will happen if you close the alert or restart your computer. If you were to call the shown number, scammers would ask you to provide them remote access to your computer and would then demand that you pay a couple of hundred of dollars for their services.

However, it is possible your Mac is infected with adware, and that is what’s causing you to get redirected to the scam. If that is the case, it will need to be gotten rid of to remove IOS /MAC Defender Alert Scam alerts permanently.

Adware is often responsible for showing tech-support scams

There are two explanations behind you being redirected to the site showing this tech-support scam. If you were browsing a high-risk website, you may have clicked on something that triggered the redirect. Some sites, particularly ones hosting pornography or pirated content, rely on low-quality ads to make revenue, and it’s not uncommon for those ads to advertise tech-support scams. As long as you have adblocker enabled when browsing those sites, you shouldn’t be seeing any questionable ads.

However, if you get randomly redirected when visiting safe sites, your computer may actually be infected with adware. Adware is a pretty minor infection that can install alongside when users install free programs. Adware, browser hijackers, and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs) come attached to free software as extra offers, and if users do not notice and deselect them, they are permitted to install alongside the program. If you want to prevent added offers from installing alongside the freeware you install, you need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings during setup. You will be able to review what has been added and deselect everything. All you really need to do is uncheck the boxes.

IOS /MAC Defender Alert Scam tries to trick users into calling fake tech-support

The site displaying the scam looks very such like a site that’s displaying a scam. It in no way looks legitimate. It will, in big red letters, say “IOS /MAC Defender Alert” and mention some error code. It will also claim that users should not shut down or restart the computer. According to the scam, some kind of virus has been detected on the Mac and to remove it, users need to call the shown number. One of the numbers we have seen is +3278251140, but they are constantly changing so you won’t necessarily see the same one.

A pop-up alert will also appear and say more or less the same thing as the site. Supposedly, you picked up a virus while browsing the internet, and because of that Apple has blocked your computer. You are asked to call Apple’s technical suppose at the shown number to fix all of the issues. If you did call, you would be connected to professional scammers pretending to be legitimate Apple tech-support. They would first request remote access to the computer, which if granted, would allow them complete access to your device. They would pretend to fix your Mac while actually looking through your files, and after an appropriate amount of time has passed, they would ask that you pay a couple of hundred dollars for the supposed services you have received.

For future reference, keep in mind that every single virus alert that appears in your browser will be a scam. Your browser is not capable of detecting viruses on your Mac. Furthermore, Apple does not make unsolicited contact.

IOS /MAC Defender Alert Scam removal

If you are dealing with adware, you will need to uninstall it to delete IOS /MAC Defender Alert Scam from your screen permanently. Because dealing with adware can be tricky business, we strongly suggest using anti-spyware software.


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