ID SafeXpress Removal [Explained]

What is ID SafeXpress

ID SafeXpress is a potentially unwanted program (PUP), advertised as a tool that will remove privacy-related issues. The program is classified as PUP by anti-virus vendors due to its use of software bundling to install on users’ computers without their knowledge. It’s not necessarily a dangerous program, nor should it do harm to your computer. However, if you do not remember installing it, you should delete ID SafeXpress, as it has no place on your computer.

ID SafeXpress

These kinds of programs that offer to solve privacy issues and optimize a computer are often classified as PUPs not only because they use software bundling to install but also because they use scare tactics to pressure users into buying full versions of the programs. They show fake scan results to give the impression that there are serious issues on the computer, which scares less tech-savvy users into acting. While ID SafeXpress may not necessarily show fake results, you should still be skeptical of what’s detected on your computer. Before you commit to buying the program, check what issues have been detected exactly. You may notice that if something has been detected, you can solve the issues yourself manually.

PUPs often use software bundling to install

If you can’t remember installing a program, it’s more than likely that it installed without your explicit permission, via freeware bundles. Software bundling is particularly popular among unwanted program developers because it allows them to bypass users and install without permission.

Software bundling is essentially adding additional offers to programs. Those offers are usually useless programs like adware, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs (PUPs). They’re optional but they are set to install alongside freeware automatically. To prevent this from happening, users need to manually deselect them. However, because the offers are hidden, many users simply don’t notice them.

To prevent unwanted programs like ID SafeXpress from installing alongside freeware, pay attention when installing programs. When given the option, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will make all offers visible, and you will be able to deselect all of them. Once you uncheck the offers, you can continue installing the program.

It’s also possible that you installed the program yourself thinking it would help clean up privacy issues. If that is the case, we suggest you research programs before installing them in the future. A simple search with Google would have provided enough results to discourage you from installing this program.

Should you remove ID SafeXpress

The program supposedly scans and cleans privacy issues, that includes issues with your passwords, browser history, cookies, etc. This is supposed to erase your digital footprint. Don’t be surprised to see a large number of detected issues when the program scans your computer. If it’s showing legitimate results, it’s likely detecting every single item as an issue. For example, browser history entries may be detected as separate issues. So we suggest you be skeptical of the scan results.

These kinds of programs are known to show fake or very exaggerated scan results in order to pressure users into paying for full programs, which are necessary to use the programs’ full features. However, users should carefully check scan results shown by these programs because even if the results are legitimate, users will be able to solve the majority of them manually.

It’s debatable whether ID SafeXpress would actually be useful, as it mainly deletes browse history and cookies, which can be done by you manually without any difficulties. But whether to keep or uninstall ID SafeXpress is up to you, as it will not harm your computer.

ID SafeXpress removal

Many anti-virus programs detect this program so you can use them to delete ID SafeXpress from your computer. You can also do it manually, though that may take longer as you’d have to locate everything yourself. If you do do it manually, make sure you delete all related files, as otherwise, the program may be able to recover.

Anti-virus programs that detect ID SafeXpress are:

  • Avast/AVG – Win32:Malware-gen
  • Kaspersky – Hoax.Win32.PrivacyMeter.a
  • Malwarebytes – PUP.Optional.IDSafeXpress
  • Microsoft – Misleading:Win32/Lodi
  • Symantec – PUA.Superfluss


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