I Know Your Password Scam – What it is?

What is “I Know Your Password” Scam

I Know Your Password Scam, also known as a sextortion scam, is a type of email scam that threatens to release a video of you watching pornography if you do not pay the requested sum of money. These scams have been around for a couple of years now, and to make them seem more convincing, scammers have started using various tactics. Such as revealing users’ legitimate passwords, which is why we’re referring to such scams as “I Know Your Password Scam”.

I Know Your Password Scam

Overall, this is a completely harmless scam. While the email may seem threatening with claims that malware has infected your computer, which allowed hackers to spy on you and your browsing activities, it’s all false. Your computer isn’t infected, and there is no video of you watching pornography. And there’s a simple explanation on why the email revealed one of your actual passwords, and it has nothing to do with your computer being hacked. The service for which you used that password has been breached or leaked user data, and your password was later sold on the dark web. Scammers buy bulks of emails and passwords in order to send these sextortion emails.

While the email may sound threatening, it’s actually a very generic scam. If it’s not your first time receiving such an email, you may notice that it’s practically identical to the one(s) you’ve received before. Besides changing a few minor details, they all use the same generic text.

Passwords are taken from old data breaches

The emails often have eye-catching titles, such as “I Know Your Password”. And in order to cause users panic from the very beginning, the password is usually revealed in the first line. Since users are already alarmed by the reveal of their passwords, they are more likely to believe the contents of the email.

The scammers claim to have infected your computer with malware when you visited a certain pornography website. Supposedly, the malware has stolen all your contact information and data, as well as turned on the camera. The scammer claims to have made a dual video displaying the pornography you were allegedly watching, as well as you watching it. They claim they’ll send the video to all your contacts unless you agree to pay. The demanded sum varies depending on the scam, but it’s usually around $2000 to be transferred in cryptocurrency.

Some of these email scams also claim that they can provide proof that there is indeed a video. It may come added to the email as an attachment, or as link. Under no circumstances should you open the attachment or click on the link. It will definitely not contain any kind of prof, seeing as this email is all a scam. If you engage with it, you could end up downloading actual malware.

This tactic to use users’ passwords is an old trick, though it does work on occasions. Users not overly familiar with such scams may see their passwords and immediately become alarmed. However, both email addresses and passwords are taken from old data breaches or data leaks. If you have unique passwords for all accounts, you can identify which account has been compromised pretty quickly. You can also check HaveIBeenPwned to check whether your email address has been part of data breach/leak.

The password displayed in the email is likely an old one you no longer use. However, if it’s still in use, you need to change it immediately for all accounts. Because while the email is a scam, they are still aware of your password and may try to use it to access various accounts.

I Know Your Password Scam removal

If you receive such an email, there is no need to panic. Open it to check what password is shown, and if it’s one you still use, change it immediately. You can then delete I Know Your Password Scam from your inbox. If you have opened such an email and downloaded/opened the attachment or clicked on the link, we recommend you scan your computer with anti-malware software to make sure no malware is present.


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