How to remove MacMaster

MacMaster is a potentially unwanted program (PUP)

MacMaster is advertised as a system optimization program for Mac computers but is classified as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) due to its installation methods. The program appears to have features like scanning for large/old files, finding duplicates, uninstalling programs, clearing browser data, etc. It’s essentially advertised as a program that will clean your Mac and make it run more smoothly. However, because it can install without users noticing, it’s classified as a PUP by some anti-virus programs. If you do not recall installing this programs, we strongly recommend you delete MacMaster without hesitation. Programs that use sneaky installation methods do not belong on your computer.


MacMaster is not a free program, meaning the free version will come with limited functionality. Many bogus system optimizers show users fake scan results in order to pressure them into purchasing their full versions. Thus, you should be very skeptical of system optimization tools detecting a lot of issues on your Mac, as they may be exaggerating results, or making them up altogether.

While system optimizers are often advertised as some kind of magic cure for computers, they don’t actually have that much effect on a computer. So whether your Mac could benefit from a system optimization tool is debatable.

How did MacMaster install?

There are many similar, much more popular programs available so the chances of you coming across MacMaster yourself are pretty slim. However, if you did download and install MacMaster intentionally, you need to start researching programs prior to installing them. A Google search of MacMaster would have shown multiple results pointing to MacMaster being a PUP.

However, it’s very likely that you installed MacMaster unknowingly. Potentially unwanted programs use the software bundling method to install on users’ computers without them even noticing. Software bundling is essentially adding additional offers to programs. Commonly, those offers include adware, browser hijackers and potentially unwanted programs. The offers are set to install alongside the program automatically, unless users manually deselect them. Most users don’t deselect them because the offers are hidden during installation. In order to make them visible, you need to opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when given the option. Those settings not only display whatever has been added but also allow you to deselect everything. All you need to do is uncheck the boxes of those offers. Once that is done, you can continue the installation.

Is MacMaster dangerous?

We should first mention that MacMaster is not malware, nor it is dangerous. However, because of its installation technique, it’s classified as a PUP. Although it’s recommended, users don’t have to remove PUPs if they find them useful. However, before you make a decision on whether or not to delete MacMaster, you should look into the program more closely.

MacMaster is advertised as a system optimizer, which means it will claim to clean your Mac and speed it up. It comes with features like large/old file detection, duplicate finder, uninstaller, etc. It should be mentioned that the majority of what system optimizers do you can do yourself manually. And unless your computer literally has no space, deleting a few larger files will not do anything. This is why you should be very skeptical of system optimizers.

We already mentioned that MacMaster is not a free program. A license for one Mac costs €17/year, and you will be charged that every year unless you cancel the automatic renewal. Many bogus system optimizers show users fake scan results and claim there are a lot of issues in order to trick users into purchasing full versions of programs. Thus, you should always check results closely to see whether they are actually legitimate.

Overall, whether your Mac needs a system optimization program is up to you. However, before making a purchase, you should do extensive research to pick the right one.

MacMaster removal

If you have decided to uninstall MacMaster, you should be able to do it manually without issues. However, you can also use anti-virus software to delete MacMaster, as it is detected by ESET, AVG. Avast and Sophos.

MacMaster is detected as:

  • OSX/MacMaster.C Potentially Unwanted by ESET
  • MacOS:PuAgent-AH [PUP] by AVG/Avast
  • Mal/Generic-S by Sophos


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