How to remove BTC giveaway scam

What is a BTC giveaway scam

BTC giveaway scam refers to a type of scam that claims if users send an amount of Bitcoin to a certain wallet address, they will receive double the amount back. These scams are very common and they appear on all platforms, including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. The giveaway scams are often posted by fake celebrity accounts, such as Elon Musk.

BTC giveaway scam

Scammers use all kinds of techniques to make the scams at least a bit more believable. They also managed to hijack Twitter accounts of many celebrities and famous companies in order to promote a BTC giveaway scam. This was a rather big deal when it happened because hackers were able to get into Twitter’s systems and post from legitimate accounts. Among the hijacked accounts were those that belong to Elon Musk, Apple, Kanye West, Uber, Jeff Bezos, etc. These Twitter accounts posted tweets inviting people to send in Bitcoin to get double the amount back. In the couple of minutes that the posts were up, some users did send the bitcoin, and they of course received nothing.

Every single one of these “send BTC to get double back” will be scams, no matter who is promoting them.

Where do BTC giveaway scams appear?

Elon Musk in particular is often impersonated to post BTC giveaway scams. Scammers make Twitter accounts that resemble Musk’s and post the giveaway scams as comments under legitimate Musk’s tweets. Though these scams are common enough that the majority of users know better than to fall for them.

The scams can also often be encountered on YouTube. Scammers are sometimes able to hijack YouTube accounts with a couple of thousand subscribers and post videos of famous people (such as Elon Musk) talking in an event along with instructions on how to send Bitcoins to get double the amount back.

It’s also possible to get redirected to these BTC giveaway scam as well. Loads of questionable websites display them. You can get redirected when visiting questionable websites, or if adware is installed on your computer. High-risk websites, usually ones that host pornography and pirated content, often redirect to sites that promote BTC giveaway scams. Thus, it’s a good idea to have adblocker enabled when visiting them, as it should block pop-ups and redirects.

Adware is a different matter, however. If a computer is infected with adware, the redirects will not stop until the adware is gone. The adware could have installed together with some free program. Freeware often has additional offers attached to it, and those offers are permitted to install alongside the freeware, unless users manually deselect them. To be able to do that, opt for Advanced (Custom) settings when installing freeware. If those settings show that something has been added, simply uncheck the boxes of those offers. Only when all extra offers have been deselected should you continue the installation.

How do BTC giveaway scams work?

When users stumble upon one of these BTC giveaway scams, they will usually see a celebrity’s face, likely someone in technology, as the scam will claim he/she is hosting the giveaway. The scam will make claims that the celebrity hosting the giveaway believes in the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency and that to “speed up the process of cryptocurrency mass adoption”, they are giving away Bitcoins. Supposedly, all users need to do is send an amount between 0.1 BTC and 20 BTC to the wallet address displayed in the scam, and they will receive double the amount back. Obviously, users do not receive anything back.

These scams usually don’t stay up for long on platforms like Twitter and YouTube, but scammers do manage to make some money. The scams displayed on questionable websites stay up for much longer but they don’t get as much exposure.


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