Defencebyte Computer Optimizer Removal

What is Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is a system optimizer, categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by some anti-virus programs. It should first be mentioned that Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is not a malicious program, nor will it harm the computer like malware would. However, it’s not particularly useful either.

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer

It can be downloaded from its official website or free software websites, and it does not seem like it spreads via software bundling, which is a common installation method among such programs. The program claims to be able to optimize the computer to the point that it runs like new. However, with the features that it offers, that is unlikely. It’s has the basic optimization features, which are not free. Though the program can scan the computer without you needing to buy the full version.

It’s not a particularly impressive program but it’s not malicious. So whether you remove Defencebyte Computer Optimizer or not is up to you.

What does Defencebyte Computer Optimizer do?

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer is a system optimizer. The official website of the program claims that the optimization program “renews your computer as if it is just unboxed”. If system optimizers were such great tools that they actually did renew the computer to the point that it was like new, everyone would be using them instead of purchasing new computers once old ones become slow and no longer convenient to use. In reality, despite all the promises and supposedly great features, system optimizers are pretty useless.

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer claims to have features such as registry cleaner, Task Manager, program/extension uninstaller and system error fixer. It’s also not a free program. In order to use its features, you will need to purchase the full version of the program. According to the official website, Defencebyte Computer Optimizer costs $54.95 (though a discount puts the price at $38.95) for one computer, but it is not clear whether it’s a lifetime subscription or just for one year. Whether the case may be, it’s quite an expensive program, and it’s not entirely worth the price.

In the past, it seems the program used scare tactics to pressure users into buying the full version. It’s not uncommon for these kinds of system optimizers to show fake scan results to pressure users, as users need to buy the full program first to use its fix/removal features. Though it appears this does not happen anymore. Nonetheless, the features are not particularly impressive. It claims to be able to fix the computer and all of its issues so that it runs like a new computer. However, the program’s primary features are registry cleaner, program/extension uninstaller, browser cleaner and Windows Service.

Registry cleaner is perhaps the program’s most alarming feature. System optimizers often claim that cleaning the registry and deleting certain entries is essential, but that is not the case. Those entries in the registry have very little effect on the computer and its performance. And messing with the registry can have serious consequences. Deleting the wrong entry could lead you to needing to reinstall Windows. Even Microsoft itself has warned against using programs with registry cleaning features because nothing good will come from them.

Other features like deleting programs/extensions and cleaning browser history/cache are pretty useless because you can do all that yourself manually, without needing a program. The program also has Task/App Manager, which “can track CPU Usage as all running programs are shown”. It’s essentially like Window’s Task Manager, which you can access by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Del, and clicking Task Manager. So paying almost $60 for something that you can do yourself would be rather wasteful.

In the end, it’s your decision whether to use/buy the program. But if you think your computer would benefit from a system optimizer, there are better, more reliable programs out there.

Defencebyte Computer Optimizer removal

You should be able to uninstall Defencebyte Computer Optimizer manually fairly easily, just like any other program. But it’s also detected by some anti-virus programs like Avg/Avast (Win32:Malware-gen) and ESET (A Variant Of MSIL/RegProCleaner.A Potentially U), so you can use them to remove Defencebyte Computer Optimizer.


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