Covid19 Warning Alert – How to remove

What is Covid19 Warning Alert

Covid19 Warning Alert is a deceptive alert shown on certain websites users get redirected to. This is a particularly ludicrous tech-support scam that claims your computer is infected with the coronavirus. It also threatens that if you close the alert, you will be infected with COVID-19 as well, which again, is a ridiculous threat. The reason this is classified as a tech-support scam is because the scam has a phone number displayed, and if you were to dial the number, you’d be connected to scammers pretending to be legitimate Windows tech-support.

Covid19 Warning Alert

As long as you don’t call the number and don’t engage with the scammers, this is a harmless scam. The reason you got redirected to this scam is either because you were visiting a questionable website with low-quality ads, or your computer is infected with adware. Adware isn’t a dangerous infection but it can expose you to scams, so the sooner you get rid of it, the better. And to permanently remove Covid19 Warning Alert from screen you’ll need to get rid of the adware. Otherwise, even if you close the window, it will appear again and again.

Everything the alert claim is false. Your computer is not infected with a virus, nor is your information being stolen. And you most definitely do not need to call the provided phone number. What you need to do is close the window and get rid of the adware, if that is what’s causing the scam to appear.

Adware is often behind tech-support scam

There a couple of reasons why you would get redirected to tech-support scams. You either have adware installed or you were visiting a high-risk website that has low-quality ads. When you visit pornography sites, pages hosting pirated content, etc., you are likely to encounter highly questionable ads. Clicking on anything could lead you to being redirected to scams like this one. To avoid potentially dangerous ads and redirects, you need to either avoiding visiting sites that are known to have low-quality ads, or install adblocker.

However, if you are dealing with adware, it’s a bit of a different story. If you got redirected when visiting the above mentioned sites, you can simply close the window and then carry on. However, if you are dealing with adware, closing the window will not help, as you’ll just get redirected again, even when visiting safe sites. Adware usually installs via freeware bundles, meaning it comes attached to free software as an extra offer. Free programs often come with these unwanted offers but fortunately, it’s easy to prevent their installation. When installing freeware, it’s important that you opt for Advanced (Custom) settings. Those settings will make all extra offers added to the program visible, and you will be able to deselect everything. Simply uncheck the boxes of those offers, and you can continue installing the program.

Covid19 Warning Alert is a fake notification

Tech-support scams may appear legitimate at first but if you take a second to logically think about it, it’s pretty obvious that they’re scams. Covid19 Warning Alert in particular is very obvious. As soon as you get redirected to the site, you’ll see a Covid19 Warning Alert with an error code and a request to call the shown number immediately. The scam claims that you should not ignore the alert “or you will be infected with coronavirus”, which is a ludicrous claims. The scam further claims that this alert has been “proofed by FBI and WHO”. In addition to this, the scam says that your computer has been infected with viruses, including the coronavirus. Supposedly, your files and information are being stolen, including “Facebook logins, credit card details, email account logins, photos and documents stored on this computer, your familiy’s serials”. Even if the contents of the alert were believable, the amount of grammar and spelling mistakes should give you a pause.

The scams asks that you call the displayed number in order to get “covid19 security”. The numbers may differ, but we have seen +1-888-651-2369 being displayed. If you were to call the number, you would be connected to tech-support scammers. They would request remote access to your computer, pretend to diagnose and fix your computer, and then demand that you pay hundreds of dollars for their services. If you are interested in how these scams work specifically, there are many YouTube videos demonstrating exactly that.

Remember that your browser will never show a legitimate virus alert, Microsoft will not block your computer because of a virus, and nor will it make unsolicited contact asking you to call their tech-support numbers. Every single alert with a phone number will be scam that you can ignore.

Covid19 Warning Alert removal

If adware is present on your computer, you will need to get rid of it to delete Covid19 Warning Alert from your screen. If you don’t, you’ll get redirected over and over again. We strongly recommend using anti-spyware software for Covid19 Warning Alert removal, as adware can be a persistent infection.

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