BV:Miner-T Removal

What is BV:Miner-T

BV:Miner-T is a detection name used by AVG anti-virus software to detect possible cryptomining scripts in websites. Users who have AVG installed usually get the alert when they visit certain, potentially dangerous websites. The alert doesn’t mean malware is inside your computer, the anti-virus is merely detecting a miner on a site. But it could also indicate an actual infection on your computer if you get the virus alert even when you visit completely safe sites. To determine which is the case, you would need to scan your computer with a different anti-virus software.


If these AVG notifications are appearing constantly when you’re browsing the Internet, it’s understandable that they would become quite annoying. Fortunately, if there’s no infection on your computer, resetting your browser should remove BV:Miner-T notifications.

Sites mining cryptocurrency is nothing unusual, and it’s not harmful to the computer. However, sites mining for cryptocurrency using your computer’s resources is immediately noticeable because your browser will start lagging and crashing. If you’re using an older laptop, cryptomining will be particularly noticeable. While cryptocurrency mining scripts are not harmful, most sites that use them do not warn users about the mining. Not informing users and/or getting their explicit permission to do it is one of the reasons why this is such a problem.

Is there malware on your computer?

The AVG notification in question displays a message saying “We’ve safely aborted connection on [sitename] because it was infected with BV:Miner-T”. Depending on the circumstances, it’s possible that the anti-virus program is simply detecting the mining script included in the site and it’s nothing harmful. If you’re still connected to said site, the alerts may appear when you’re visiting safe sites as well, and resetting the browser usually helps stop the alert from appearing again. In this case, no infection is actually present on your computer and you do not need to do anything.

However, if you can’t seem to delete BV:Miner-T alerts permanently, it may be possible that your computer does have some kind of infection. In that case, you would need to scan your computer with a different anti-malware software to determine whether an infection is actually present. If something is installed on your computer, it would likely be a miner that is using your computer’s resources to mine. This kind of malware isn’t particularly harmful because they do not damage the computer, but their presence is very noticeable. Programs will start crashing/taking ages to launch, and your computer will be quite laggy.

BV:Miner-T removal

When you start getting these notifications, your first step should be to scan your computer with a different anti-virus program. This will determine whether a miner is actually present on your computer or not. If nothing comes up, try opening Task Manager and closing all browser tasks. If the problem reoccurs, reset your browser.


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