Botnet:Blacklist Avast Virus

What is Botnet:Blacklist Avast Virus

Botnet:Blacklist Avast Virus refers to a detection Botnet:Blacklist by anti-virus program Avast. Users have reported getting constant notifications from their Avast anti-virus about an aborted connection because it was infected with┬áBotnet:Blacklist. According to users, the notifications pop-up every minute or so, and they seem to be associated with torrent programs. It’s most likely a false positive that started happening when users installed a certain update for Avast. The constant notifications will likely be very annoying but besides disabling the anti-virus program, there is little users can do. If this is a false positive, the only way to solve the issue would be to report it to Avast and wait for the company to release an update which would fix it. Updates are released regularly so users likely wouldn’t need to wait for long.

Botnet Blacklist Avast Virus

The Botnet:Blacklist detection seems to be associated with torrent programs like qBittorrent, so the notifications will only appear when users are actively using those programs. Avast Web Shield probably mistakenly interprets users’ computers connecting to other computers as them being part of a botnet, hence the classification Botnet:Blacklist.

How to remove Botnet:Blacklist Avast Virus

Since this is an issue likely on Avast’s end, there’s not much users can do besides wait for the company to release an update. Users could disable Avast anti-virus temporarily until the issue is fixed, but then they’d need to have another anti-virus software protecting their computers. As a precaution, we would recommended that users scan their computers with a different security program anyway, just to be sure they’re not actually dealing with some kind of malware. If nothing is detected by another, equally reliable anti-virus program, then the issue is certainly with Avast, and malware isn’t present on users’ computers.

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