Bitcoin Miner Pro Removal

About Bitcoin Miner Pro

Bitcoin Miner Pro is a fake cryptocurrency miner that imitates a legitimate mining program. The program is meant to trick users into thinking that it is actually using computer resources to mine Bitcoin, and when users wish to transfer the mined Bitcoin to their account, they are asked to pay a withdrawal fee. Since the program does not actually mine Bitcoin, users would be paying for nothing.

BitCoin Clipper malware

It’s not a malicious program, in the sense that it will not delete your files or cause any permanent damage. However, it is a scam program that will try to trick you into paying for something you did not actually get. However, Bitcoin Miner Pro will try to imitate an actual miner so it will take up a lot of your computer’s resources. Since it’s not actually mining anything, you would be putting up with this for nothing.

Since Bitcoin’s value spiked into unprecedented highs a couple of years ago, mining programs have gained a lot of popularity. But it is very important to choose a legitimate mining program because there are many scam ones, like Bitcoin Miner Pro, advertised on the Internet.

It is possible you did not install Bitcoin Miner Pro knowingly. It may have been disguised as a different program you downloaded from an unsafe website. Or you downloaded it yourself intentionally, without doing extensive research. Whatever the case may be, we strongly recommend you delete Bitcoin Miner Pro from your computer.

How did Bitcoin Miner Pro install

It is entirely possible that you installed Bitcoin Miner Pro yourself, thinking it’s a legitimate Bitcoin miner. If that is the case, we recommend doing more extensive research prior to installing programs in the future. A search with Google would be sufficient and if there was something wrong with the program, the first couple of pages should give you enough information. Though it’s very doubtful that the program is advertised on any legitimate sites.

It’s also possible that you were tricked into installing it. It may have been advertised on high-risk websites as a useful program. You should always be very careful with advertisements when visiting high-risk sites known to have low-quality ads that promote questionable program. Those ads are not safe sources for download, and you could end up with a malicious program if you do download something.

Should you uninstall Bitcoin Miner Pro

First of all, as we already mentioned, Bitcoin Miner Pro is not a legitimate program so there is no reason to keep it installed. It’s advertised as a mining program that will use your computer’s resources to mine for Bitcoin. Bitcoin mining programs are quite popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, though they are not worth the electricity bill. Mining programs use your computer’s resources, which means your computer requires more electricity, which could greatly affect your bill. And since Bitcoin Miner Pro isn’t an actual miner, merely an imitation, you’ll be getting a much higher electricity bill for nothing.

When program is installed, your computer will be acting sluggish, programs will crash or not launch at all, and processes in your Task Manager will be using a lot of your CPU. Mining programs and malware usually use more than 70% of the CPU. Besides your computer running slow while these processes are active, there shouldn’t be any other harm done your device. And since the program doesn’t actually mine Bitcoins, you would be putting up with a slow computer for nothing.

The way this scam works is the program displays false information about the amount of Bitcoins it has mined, and when you try to transfer the mined cryptocurrency to your own wallet, you are asked to pay a transfer fee. The fee won’t be a lot, but you would still be wasting money, since you would not get the Bitcoin that the program supposedly mined.

Bitcoin Miner Pro removal

You should be able to remove Bitcoin Miner Pro both manually and via anti-virus software. Using anti-virus would be easiest because everything would be taken care of for you.

Bitcoin Miner Pro is detected as:

  • Trojan.FakeMiner by Malwarebytes
  • Trojan:Win32/Wacatac.C!ml by Microsoft
  • Gen:Variant.Strictor.48685 by Bitdefender
  • Gen:Variant.Strictor.48685 (B) by Emsisoft
  • Artemis!1EAE21486896 by McAfee


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