BitCoin Clipper malware Removal [Explained]

What is BitCoin Clipper malware?

BitCoin Clipper malware is a serious computer threat that can record sensitive information including crypto-wallet details and use it to steal your crypto-money. The malware spreads online using different methods and often comes with other harmful software. Although it may not be that easy to detect the parasite, it has to be dealt with as soon as possible as the longer it stays installed, the more financial losses you will suffer. We advise that you eliminate BitCoin Clipper malware from your device without hesitation.

BitCoin Clipper malware

How does BitCoin Clipper malware work?

The creators of the malicious application use spam email attachments to spread it online. Once they manage to infect the system, the owner of the infected device starts sending out malign emails as well without even realizing it. The malware may also be acquired through unreliable domains hosting pirated software. A variant of BitCoin Clipper called startwe.exe, for example, is known to be hosted on third-party software promoting sites.

BitCoin Clipper can be detected under a number of different names like Gen:Variant.Razy.613321, HEUR:Trojan-PSW.Win32.Generic, Trojan.Downloader.MSIL, Win32:RATX-gen [Trj], and others. The malicious program is used by cyber crooks to steal Bitcoin, Monero, Dash, Ethereum, and other crypto-wallets. The parasite is capable of intercepting information copied to clipboard and replacing it with a different wallet address. That is how a transaction that was intended for one recipient ends up in the crypto-wallet of the cyber criminals.

In addition to the ability to steal your cryptocurrency, the threat can also perform other harmful actions like dropping other malware onto the device. The infections that it has been linked to include Supreme botnet and Poullight info-stealer, both of which are used to steal personal data and send out spam emails. If you have these infections on your computer, you should waste no time and delete BitCoin Clipper malware and other threats as soon as possible.

How to remove BitCoin Clipper malware?

It is clear that BitCoin Clipper infection can have dire consequences such as monetary losses or even identity theft. Unfortunately, as it is a complex parasite and likely not the only one on your computer,  manual BitCoin Clipper malware removal is not possible. You will have to use a powerful anti-malware suite to delete BitCoin Clipper malware and other infections automatically. The anti-malware tool promoted on our site can help you with that. Once you acquire it, the tool will perform a full system scan and detect all issues. The utility will not only remove BitCoin Clipper malware, but also make sure that none of the other harmful elements stay in the system. It will also improve your online security after BitCoin Clipper malware removal is complete.


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